Bauxite lake. Is an attraction that not everyone knows, but it offers a great visual impact. In this field the now abandoned mining has formed an emerald green lake that makes the view nothing short of extraordinary. The bauxite mining in Otranto quarry began in 1940 and ended in 1976. Bauxite is a mineral used in the production of aluminum. The formation of the emerald green lake occurred most likely because of the infiltration of water from the aquifers in the area. The color of the water creates a fascinating contrast to the surrounding rock walls, which shine with a beautiful deep red.The landscape is surrounded by vegetation with their verdebrillante creates a wonderful place to visit at least once in their lifetime.

The Lighthouse. Palascia Relais enjoys an ideal location for anyone looking to rejuvenate their senses and rediscover the pleasing sound of nature. A few meters away stands the Palascia, one of the five lighthouses of the Mediterranean Sea protected by the European Commission. The remarkable flora and fauna can be easily explored through the Southeast Association of Diving that, a few steps from Palascia Relais, organizes diving and guided tours to discover the magical depths of Otranto.

Otranto. The shuttle service to Otranto will allow you to easily reach the historic center of the village, steeped in maritime history and legends. Crossing the threshold of the imposing Porta Alfonsina, that breaks the continuity of the Aragonese walls, you catapulterai at a time without time. Be enchanted by the delightful narrow streets that converge in one of the greatest examples of Apulian Renaissance: the Cathedral, characterized by large, finely decorated rose window. Inside it is located a crypt containing the relics of the holy martyrs of Otranto. Breathes history at the imposing Aragonese castle, rebuilt and strengthened in the sixteenth century for defensive purposes.

Beaches. Many and varied are the beaches to visit: you prefer fine sand, pebbles or cliffs, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can feel serene: the crystal clear waters of Otranto have received the recognition of the 5 sails awarded by Legambiente. Even the hinterland holds unique landscapes such as bauxite quarry, a short walk from the Relais. The stark contrast between the brilliant red of the rock wall and the emerald green lake, formed because of water seepage from the groundwater in the area, creates a bewitching glance.